Creating Academic Focus before the school year begins

August 14, 2017


It's that time of year again. Summer is nearing its end and a new academic year is about to commence.  As educators currently working in a high school, many of our students have been working or vacationing with friends and family for nearly two months.  For a number of students, there has been no deliberate focus on the skills and practices that make academic achievement possible.  Here are a few recommendations that will help ensure that your student is prepared for the rigors of the classroom:


Young people should read a minimum of 30 minutes every day. We are not making specific title suggestions. What your student reads is really secondary to the benefits of encouraging them to read what they like. Make sure that they are reading in a comfortable, well-lighted area for an uninterrupted 30 minutes each day.  Do not allow the student to read in the bed. Academic reading is an active behavior and should not be done in a state of relaxation.  


Writing every day is also important. Consider asking your student to write a reflection about the content, theme, or meaning of what they choose to read. Its also a great time to have the student reflect on what they did with their summer or what goals they have for the coming school year. Writing everyday prepares students to write everyday. 


Finally, we suggest that young people begin to adhere to reasonable bed times, regular meal times, and intentional disconnections from ALL TECH for designated hours at a time. Teachers need the assistance of parents and families to get kids focused on academics before school starts. Doing so gives teachers the support they need to make possible a noted increase in the academic achievement of our LITERAL FUTURE! Enjoy the rest of the summer and GIVE KIDS THE FOCUS THEY NEED for academic success NOW!


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