What GOOD teachers need Parents to do during the academic year

August 16, 2017

A Note to Parents:

I am a well - prepared Teacher.

This is what I need YOU to do…

  • Regularly monitor the academic achievement of your child.

  • Encourage your child to work hard and to “practice” what they have learned even if they do not have homework.

  • Repeatedly encourage your student to "master" a skill while earning a grade.

  • Always maintain high standards and expectations for your student and their Teachers.

  • Intentionally designate an area in your home for reading and writing. Many students complete work on their beds in their bedrooms. Relaxation is a distraction to academic achievement.

  • Always be mindful that a lack of success can be attributed to more than an ability to demonstrate a skill. In a rigorous classroom, adherence to due dates, presentations, and delivery are additional ways your student will EARN their grade.

  • Always communicate with teachers about your questions or concerns.

  • We are working together to impact the future!



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