The Amachi Program

                Teaching HOW to THINK instead of WHAT to think

The AMACHI PROGRAM is a wholistic approach to providing services to youth, educators, and adults who work with children and adolescents.  We offer a selection of hands-on, theme-centered modules that are designed to be a part of a customized multi-session series, according to the needs of your organization. Each 2-hour, single-gender module begins and ends with the AMACHI Affirmation, and includes time for reflection, journaling, and open sharing among participants. AMACHI students are encouraged to help identify and mentor prospective new participants.

Workshops for Young People

Workshops to support Shaping the Leaders and Thinkers of Tomorrow

Amachi,Inc. assess the academic,social,cultural, and behavioral needs of students and designs and implements programs that meet that need.

Examples of past workshops offered include: Who are YOU and what responsibility do YOU have to your family and community?Integrity and Truth: An Essential Ingredient to Womanhood/ Manhood, Keeping Secrets: The Power of the Written Word,  Boys to Men: The Meanings and Examples of Manhood, Financial Responsibility for Teens.

Educators Corner

Workshops for those
working with young people

The role of the Educator has been both transformed and expanded as families and communities face social and economic challenges. Amachi seeks to support those educating young people by providing them with information and ideas that assist them with increasing academic achievement. We are able to develop and provide content specific curriculum and instruction to foster data driven routines and procedures that support teachers in understanding and utilizing best practices to increase classroom and school-wide achievement goals. 

Parent/Caregiver Corner

Information and Workshops to support Parents with helping children reach their full potential

Parenting does not come with a How To Manual even though parenting impacts the education of all young people. Amachi works to enlighten and encourage parents and other adults that work with young people with information and programming that enables them to support students so as to ecourage academic success.

Workshop topics include:

Teaching Parents to help stop the Summer Slide, How to encourage your child to read - even if YOU don't, The importance of Writing in school and at home, Using Inquiry at home to increase critical thinking in school and Reflecting on the Behaviors that make academic achievement possible

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